High Speed Internet Packages

We offer High Speed to any home or business in the Assumption, Bethany, Blue Mound, Dalton City, Macon, Moweaqua, and Stonington.


NEW as of 7/1/2019
We are deploying fiber to every home in all of the listed towns above. We will be offering TV and Phone services as well. Prices will be announced at a later time.

The New speed packages will be as follows:
250 Mbps at $50/Month

500 Mbps at $80/Month

1000 Mbps at $125/Month

1000 Mbps at $100/Month for current customers that upgrade

There is a one time $100 install fee and no monthly contacts or data caps

You can either supply your own router,  rent ($5/Mo) or purchase ($50) one from us


Internet Packages Starting from:

25 Mbps at $50/Month

50 Mbps at $80/Month

100 Mbps at $125/Month

***Our business prices are the same as above but with a extra $5 fee***