A History of a New Pilot and Entrepreneur

A.C.T.S. started business in 2012 fixing computers and broken phones for local people in Moweaqua, IL.  In 2013 A.C.T.S. started selling their first custom made drones for surveying to companies and a few local farmers.  2016 the FAA passed the ruling on Part 107 allowing businesses to contact drone flights commercially.  In 2017 A.C.T.S. started aerial surveying and mapping as a major business branch, to better help local farmers and seed dealers make the most out of their crop.


Starting in March of 2018, we will be starting a small Internet provider in order to bring faster internet to country homes.  This started as a way to bring better internet to our home and business in the country without having to pay huge costs.  

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Brandon & Kelli Rarick - Owners